Saturday, September 23, 2006

Walking in the Woods

Emma, Levi, Isaac and I went walking through the woods again today. We went walking through them yesterday too. I never see other dads taking their kids for a walk through the woods. Today was a wet, yet warm morning - a perfect day to walk through the woods. You'd think other dads would want to take their kids walking through the woods - getting all dirty, picking up sticks, throwing leaves in the stream, wiping cobwebs off your face, slapping the occasional mosquito. Isaac likes to pick up as many twigs and acorns as possible and carry them to the bridge, and then he dumps them into the water. Levi likes to hold my hand and find just one or two sticks, and then throw them over the bridge. Emma likes to run ahead and pretend she is Dora and I am Boots - she is a very loud pretender. We always have fun in the woods. It reminds me of the few times me and my brothers walked through the woods out in the middle of my grandfather's farm. We'd have to walk through the corn field to get to this oasis of trees. There were trails, lots of fallen logs and plenty of birds. And no adults! Ah, what fun. Someday I'll maybe let my kids walk through the woods by themself...maybe. I don't want to miss the fun though!

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