Sunday, September 17, 2006

Reading the Scriptures in a Year

If you are reading this post, I hope that means you've chosen to try and spend the year reading the Scriptures on a regular basis. It will be fun to be spend the year reading with a bunch of your friends at Anchor.

Please give me some feedback on what I can do to encourage you to keep reading. If you have questions about any of the material you are reading (either in the Bible or content I provide), please leave a comment on this blog (just hit the comment button and follow the VERY SIMPLE instructions).

If you choose to start this week you'll find that the issue is not whether you have the time to read it, it will be trying to remember to read it. Please give me suggestions to pass on to others of tips to remember to read the Scriptures regularly.

Did you you know that Psalm 119 has 22 sections to it? Each section has eight verses. Each section corresponds with a letter from the Hebrew alphabet. Some of your Bibles may write the Hebrew letter. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, and each of the eight verses begins with that corresponding letter. It is called an acrostic poem. Obviously in the English language this kind of acrostic poetry is not noticeable. But it helps to know the background of the psalm. And just so you know, the reason they did Psalm 119 as an acrostic poem was so that it was easier to memorize: that's right, easier to MEMORIZE! It is not uncommon for many orthodox Jews even today to memorize the whole Psalter! That's right, they commit all 150 Psalms to memory. But they also chant the songs, and songs are easier to remember, and you probably know the lyrics to more songs then you realize. If you can find a way to put the Psalms to music, let me know and we'll try to sing them on Sundays.

Check in later this week for more background on the Scripture readings for this week,


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