Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to Levi & Isaac

Monday was the brothers 25 month birthday. However, the following pictures are from their twenty-four month birthday. Well, the day after was when all the extended family came over. We had lots of fun.

Isaac is wearing the black v-neck sweater vest, Levi, obviously, is wearing the red v-neck sweater vest; can you find Emma in this picture? Very good!

Aren't they handsome? They are big boys now. Almost.

Isaac loves eating cake, Levi likes having his picture taken with his piece of cake.

Daddy and Mama are proud of their sons, it's hard to believe they are two already.

Annie Sauder knows style, Levi looks so cool in his leather jacket. His bike is in the garage, waiting for him. Now if only he can find his chain wallet...

Levi and Isaac are excited about their new kitty-kitties. Emma received one for Christmas, and the boys were too fond of it for her liking. So now they have their own, and they love them, and pet them, and play with them and give them a drink each night before bed!

"Hey everybody, we're two now; nobody mess with us or else..."

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