Sunday, February 25, 2007

Neighborhood Churches & A Soup Supper at Anchor

Tonight was a lot of fun.

Five neighborhood churches gathered together in our Fellowship Hall for a smorgasboard of soup and homemade bread, lots of chatter and making new friends, along with some good music and sharing of our Anchor story.

The five churches: Grace Presbyterian on Fairhill, First Mennonite on St. Mary's, North Highlands Church of Christ on Archer, and Trinity United Methodist on Putnam, along with us - Anchor on 3rd Street. We're doing a soup-circuit, traveling during five Sundays to each church, sampling their soups and enjoying their stories about their background, their denomination and their mission in the neighborhood.

I think about seventy-five people got together...and a bunch of them, though they come from different churches, already know each other as neighbors, classmates, or community events. And now we're pulling together, uniting as One Church - letting the Spirit bring us together for something special.

In speaking for the group, I would say that our main objective for our churches coming together rests entirely on the Gospel: that more neighborhood families would choose to follow Jesus for the rest of their days. What we want to do together is bring the Good News of Jesus to our community by being the Good News - through community service, through fun events, through grace-filled caring and meeting of needs.

Next week is Dave's church - I can't wait!,

Be sure to check out Steve Dennie's blog for his review of the fun event:

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