Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh That My Ways Were Steadfast...


The first word of Psalm 119 is "blessed". It is the description of those that go the way of God, of those that listen to his instruction, who do what is good and right and noble and true and loyal.

It is the most desirable kind of life - one where God gives in abundance, gives through you generously, gives to you shalom.

And in a moment of honesty, the author writes: Oh that my ways were blessed, oh that my life would be shalom...Oh God do not forsake me.

I think of alot of my friends at church, they have tough decisions to make as parents, complicated decisions to make about their jobs, schooling, finances. They are trying to figure out how to get an unreliable car fixed, or afford a different one; they are trying to figure out how to get a different job that will help them make ends meet as well as bring some kind of fulfillment.

But the way is foggy. And there is not this sense of blessedness.

The psalmist, being in similar predicaments takes control of what he can: doing what God has laid out as his Way. He states: I will obey your decrees. I can at least do that. If I determine up front to know and do what you have asked of us, then I will trust you to help me find a way that helps me not only make ends meet, but provide me with opportunities to give and bless others.

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