Friday, April 06, 2007

Eli's Friends and Family

Eli enjoyed meeting so many new friends and family members while at Dupont Hospital. Here are pics of some of our visitors...we didn't get everyone...sorry! It was fun to have so many of you stop by to visit with us to share the joy. Thanks!

Our nurse Kelly and Doctor Garner were wonderful! They were our newest and first friends to hold little Eli! Grandma Rozer and Grandma Karen soon held Eli as well, at 1am early Monday...but instead of including the groggy pictures, I used some others ones...see below!

Aunt Faye and Eli..the aunt who doesn't do dirty diapers, little babies and feedings. Ha!

Aunt Shirley and Eli, the aunt who does do dirty diapers, little babies, and who ropes Faye into it as well!

Grandma Karen and Eli later Monday afternoon, after everyone went back to bed and got some rest.

Dawn, Maddie and Josh came up in the afternoon to visit, Eli enjoyed hearing Josh chatter away!

Papa Jim and Naomi stopped by for a visit, Eli is looking forward to homemade ice cream soon...well actually his Dad is...

Annie stopped by afterwork to cuddle with Eli, we missed Brett though...he apparently had to go to class, or wash his hair, or mend his belt...something like that...

Glennis and Heather eventually found their way to the right hospital together, Eli enjoyed their smiles!

Mark and Tami got to spend some time with Eli, and everyone else got to smell their famous Solak bread...that's why we have babies, so we can get that tasty homemade bread. Chris and Lisa Kuntz also enjoyed smelling the bread, and holding Eli...but our camera broke when we took a picture...well not really, we just got so busy chatting, we forgot...sorry! Jamie was also there but declined a picture - and after hearing about her story of congratulating the wrong grandpa on the way to our room, we decided to let her off the hook!

Amy showed up later that evening with no baby Hannah or's always nice to hold someone else's baby!

Khara, Jesse and Kennedy stopped by for a late visit - along with Amy there, it was fun swapping baby stories!

Dad and Eli are singing some kind of song together, probably teaching him O Canada!

Mum and Eli, enjoying a quiet moment - exhausted after the rousing rendition of the Canadien national anthem.

Jerm, Maria, Eva and Lydia stopped by while Dad and Mum were there, and Eli's sister and was party time! Lydia and Eli enjoy a cousin moment.

Kalvin stopped by to drop off cigars (chocolate of course) and flowers (all of which for Tara) and chit chat with the new Daddy but go figure Daddy was taking 3 very tired children back home for naps!

Tammy Ray and Elana stopped by to watch Tara eat lunch and snuggle with Eli.

Michelle and her daughters stopped by to visit, moms of twins always have special stories to tell! Patti and Barb were also here during this visit but we missed getting their pictures too! Jeff and later Michele also missed out on the photo shoot...

Bridget stopped by for a too-brief visit to hold Eli and see Tara, so much to catch up on, and not enough time...

Aunt Lauretta and Uncle Dan swung in for a visit with Eli, they made it for every birth...even with the ice storm when Levi and Isaac were born, what troopers!

Emma has been waiting and waiting and waiting to hold Eli...finally after we were all home, she got her chance to really get close...she loves her brother, and he loves her.

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