Sunday, April 22, 2007

Your Word Stands Firm in the Heavens


Twelfth letter of the Hebrew Alephbeth

The whole of Psalm 119 is one long song of a man belonging to the decrees, commands, promises, word of God. Made up of 22 stanzas of eight verses each (the verses being an acrostic of Hebrew letters, eight verses starting with the same letter), the poet works hard to find just the right word to express reality.

But what he describes is not always easy to does God's Word stand firm in the Heavens? It has not legs, how can it stand? A word is first a sound - does he mean that it can be heard in the Heavens? The Universe is enormous...mindboggling in its vast scope...does God's word find footing on just one planet or star, or does it stand firm as it fills up our millions of galaxies?

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...God said...let there be light...and it was good.

God's Word/Command/Promise/Decree is what brought life to reality, is what put the billions of stars and planets and comets and moons into their blazing place. Just as a sun stands in the sky as a testament to God's word, so God's word shines into our life as a promise of His good work.

What God has spoke endures until the End of All Things. His word will outlast my life on this Earth-as-it-is...but His word is what breathed life into me, and it is what will save me. To know the words of God, to delight in them, to seek them out, to listen and follow them...the words that bring light and put darkness in its place, that push back the floods and put me on dry ground, that enrich soil which gives birth to the sustenance of birds and beasts, the words that give me life and a partner.

The Way of God is navigated by the starlight of his Word, when life is dark - find your next step in this beautifuly, terribly vast universe by hearing His command/promise for you and all people.

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Jamie Knuth said...

Tim! You should check out the Louis Giglio video (I think its called Indescribable)that discusses the vastness of the universe. He preaches on the BIGness of God and the SMALLness of man. He shows some incredible photgraphs of solar systems and such. Its a good one. :)