Sunday, April 15, 2007

Merry Anchor Easter Kids

Anchor hosted a fun Easter service for the kids. We started the service with a rousing Egg Hunt. But not just any eggs, these were Resurrection Eggs - 12 eggs that each contained an item representing the story of Jesus Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Marsha Biard hid the eggs throughout the Sanctuary, and then for my Kids Lesson, they had to go find the eggs. It worked out that about all the kids found an egg. We started with whoever had egg number one, and the kid would open the egg, show me the item and then I would remind them about that part of the story.

The first egg had a donkey, one had linen cloth in it, another was empty - it represented the tomb. Pretty neat. The kids had fun with it, and so did I. Kids Lessons used to be a staple of our service, but we moved to a Kids Church format, then Kids Sunday School.

I kind of miss it, the unpredictablity of the kids was fun and sweet. This Easter Kids Lesson was special, it was my first one with Emma, Levi and Isaac up there with me. They did so good up there, so eager to show me their egg. Maybe I can be persuaded to do Kids Lessons during first service a little more often!

Following the service we took pics of some of the little kids at Anchor.

Salma, Emma and Emily always get a pic together, as well as Isaiah, Levi and Isaac.

They are always cute, but never - well rarely, looking right at the camera.

That is what makes for a Merry Easter, especially with the snow and everything.

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