Sunday, April 22, 2007

What's Up with Eli?

Here's an assortment of Eli pics from the last week or so. He's a pleasant baby, except when he's hungry or tired or bored or in need of a good burp. And he sleeps quite a bit too, except when he is hungry, or overwhelmed by his doting siblings, or when he is in need of a good burp. And he even smiled a few times this week. YES! Even if Dad is a wee bit tired...

Last Sunday Amy and Jamil had us over for dinner. Emma, Levi and Isaac had lots of fun playing with Alia and her toys, but Eli and Hannah only saw each other in passing. This pic was from when everyone got together at our house for the Nursery picture. The two of them have really hit it off.

Emma enjoys Eli very much. She was so excited to get to hold him, Emma did a very good job. She got to burp him, calm him down when he started to cry, and cuddle for a bit. While bupring Eli, Emma declared that now she was a mommy!

Eli is going on his first walk! The pics of the other kids is worth a whole other blog entry. He did fine, except his brothers are too pokey, and Eli needs some speed in his stroller ride.

Eli happily relaxing on his soft blanket. The world is as it should be...

Eli tentatively awaiting for his warm, soapy bath to begin. He's not skin and bones anymore, he's getting to be a little on the chub side; he's weighing in at around 10lbs 4oz or so. There's more of him to wash every week!

Sometimes Eli likes the swing, sometimes he doesn't. We're really really happy when he does like it.

Papa Jim and Naomi brought a tasty meal over last week, and Eli got some smiley cuddle time in with Tara's dad.

It's never easy getting everyone to look at the camera, we just hope nobody is crying. At least the grandparents are smiling...

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