Sunday, May 06, 2007

Eli's First Walk

April 16, a few weeks ago at this point, was a beautiful day. So nice that Tara decided to take everyone on a brisk walk around the block. Here's some pics of the kids prior to hitting the sidewalk. I'm not sure what they are doing in all of the photos, like this one, for example. I wasn't there for the walk, so I can only guess...maybe they are spelling the letter "E"? Or an "M"? Or a "3"?

They are supposed to drink their water during their walk, but Isaac (in blue) and Levi tend to do things their way...which means sipping and spilling their water before the walk.

Emma is very fashionable and picks out her own outfits. She really wanted to wear the red tanktop for her walk, but it was a tad chilly. The weather didn't stop her, though, and neither did her mother!

The other day we planted two daffodils and two tulips for each of the kids. On this day the daffodils were starting to bloom - and they were fascinated. They did a good job of putting dirt around the plants and watering them, so now they like to check up on them.

Levi is proud of his daffodils...and he makes sure they have a drink before the walk as well!

Isaac has disappeared. Which happens often. Levi is holding a computer game, which he does not know how to play, but it makes neat sounds when he presses the buttons over and over and over... what's a walk without toys?!

Unfortunately for Eli, he had to wait on his siblings to get gathered from the flowers and porch and the house. He did pretty good, as long as the stroller was moving.

Isaac has reappeared, and Levi is now giving his belly button a drink.

Emma rarely looks at the camera, so this is a special's not that she willfully looks away from the camera (unlike her brothers who secretly delight in doing the opposite of what you request), she just can't focus for that long, there is too much to look at.

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