Sunday, May 20, 2007

Toodles to the Trudells...they're only moving to Michigan!

Saturday evening Grandma Karen hosted a little party for Dave and Dawn to celebrate their move to Michigan. Dave took a new job within GM a few months ago, and now the family is ready to move on up with him. So we had some cake, family came over and we played and had a grand old time. We're happy for Dave's new job and the family's new adventure, but we'll miss having them around here. Here's some pics of our frolicing, and other antics.

Josh, Alia, Emma, Madison, Isaac and Levi - the gang of the few moments they all stood still.

Uncle Dave had fun with Josh and Levi; they would take turns sitting under the tub, and then Uncle Dave and the other kid would knock on it and laugh!

When Uncle Dave wasn't looking, Madison and Emma took over the duties of putting kids in the tub...

Maddie and Emma...the crazy cousins! They always have alot of fun together.

When the kids weren't posing or putting each other under the tub, they were chasing me around the yard. Occasionaly they would tackle me and they'd all pile on. Oh what fun!

Levi and Isaac like to sit and spin in Grandma K's patio chairs...

Grandma K and Eli...chillin'!

Count 'em, four generations...three beautiful women and one handsome Eli!

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