Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Mommy's Day 2007

We had fun on Mommy's Day this year. Our gift to Tara this year (like last year) was a day to Scrapbook. So on Saturday we let her get her room ready and then spend some time scrapbooking. Part of her gift also included a big roomy closet to store lots of her stuff in such a way that she can scrapbook for ten minutes or ten hours. We love the scrapbooks that Tara creates, so now she can get more done, and we'll all be happy. Like these pictures of Emma and Tara at her preschool event called Munchies with Mom (or something like that...I went to Donuts with Dads, but their were no donuts, just cookies...major disappointment...)

Earlier in the week I tried to take a picture of the kids as a gift for Tara, but it didn't quite work out. I couldn't get Levi to lay down with everyone else. The day before he had hit his head on the hard kitchen floor and had a huge/tender goose egg, so I couldn't really fault him for not participating.

Sunday was the first day that Eli came to church, and the first for Tara since Eli had been born - so it was a special Mother's Day. Tara had fun with her camera in the Nursery at Anchor, and with Kids Sunday School. Rozal, Ger and Mary do a splendid job in the Nursery; and Jody, Annie, and Donnie are wonderful with the kids. We're so thankful for our fantastic volunteers!

After church we took pictures of the kids with Tara, and then did a little picnic in the living room. For desert we did Dilly Bars from DQ, and then Tara opened her card. Then it was naptime (oh glorious sleep!), and then we headed to Grandma Karen's for a fun evening. Good times, good times.

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