Thursday, May 03, 2007

Merry Christmas w/ the Toronto Blue Jays

Jerm, my bro, and I travelled to Jacob's Field in Cleveland OH for a MLB game with our fav team, the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday evening. We had a swell time. The stadium is beautiful, creative, and well-designed; we sat in the third tier, directly behind home plate, and thought we had the best seats in the house.

Being so close to the great lakes, it was a tad chilly; there was one guy in front of us in jeans and a shortsleeved polo shirt shivering for about an hour. So he went a bought a longsleeved t-shirt for $25 bucks; and then lasted for about another hour. We stayed in our cold seats for the whole nine-innings. But when the game went into extra innings, we had to get down below out of the breeze. Unfortunately the breeze followed us, so we stood shivering during the tenth inning. Our necks were hurting from hunching and shiviering, trying to stay warm. Silly us, unlike other smart fans, didn't bring winter hats, heavy fleece blankets and thick scarfs for a May game. So when the game went into the eleventh inning, I decided that we would sit right down in the very front row where it costs like $200 a ticket. Hardly anyone was left. There were empty seats everywhere. So we go down front. We take some pictures with our camera phones. We watch the players as they walk by our seat - merely twenty feet away. And then the usher comes and says that we can't sit in the empty seats, well at least not empty seats in the first five rows!!!! Incredulous! What do they one was sitting in any of the front row seats. There was hardly anyone there. Unbelieveable. I was more honked off then my we sat in the tenth row and watched the Indians drive in the winning run.

Jays lost 7-6, but it was still fun to watch our Canadien team play. The game was my gift to Jerm, and Tara's gift to me; we decided that we like getting Christmas gifts in May - especially at MLB games with the Blue Jays. Thanks Tara!

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