Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February Fun

On a snowy Friday afternoon, Jamil and Amy brought Alia and Hannah over to our place to play in the backyard. We had a blast.

Prior to Jamil and Amy showing up, Tara and the kids got the ball rolling with snow...the first snowman of the year. The kids had never rolled that big of a snowball before, they thought it was the coolest thing.
Isaac and Emma were proud of their creation. Emma even had a name for it: Princess.

Emma and Alia had a good time together.

Hannah and Eli enjoyed sitting in their sleds. Emma tried to cheer them up, but the two of them seemed content to just sit and quietly watch. Now we know what to do with them if they get fussy...put on eight layers of clothes and let them sit in the snow for a bit!

Jamil was the sledmaster; he spent most of the afternoon shoving the kids down the "hill". He was really good at it too.
Amy, being a kid at heart, had to try the hill also. Jamil enjoyed shoving her down the hill.

My job was to pull the kids one at a time around the yard. The fun part was slinging the guys up onto a slight incline that got them airborne! Of course Tara warned me that someone was going to get hurt. And of course she was right. And of course that didn't really stop us. And of course it was alot of fun. And of course we quit after Levi flew off the sled and skidded onto the icepacked cement pad. He only had a slight lip bleed. But it was alot of fun!

To cool down the guys packed snow together and then ate it. When they weren't riding in the sled they were eating snow. The pretty much walked around the backyard for most of the afternoon eating their snowball. I don't know why.

I tried to liven the party up a bit by hauling Eli and Hannah around the yard. I thought I might get a smile or two out of them. Hannah takes her sledding very seriously, but Eli did smirk a couple of times.

It was one of those wintry Friday afternoons we'll talk about for along time.

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I like your new colors on your blog. Very spa-like.