Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Levi and Isaac

Every year on January 5 we celebrate the birth of our twins. This year Tara and I took the guys out to Glenbrook for some fun.

They are getting so tall! Here they are at the fountain looking very handsome!
For fun we got DQ ice cream cones first!

After ice cream we went for a ride on the carousal. Oh joy!
We convinced them that TGIFridays would be the perfect place for them to eat for their birthday. I think it was the free balloons they get when we go there that helped with their decision.

When we got home they opened a few presents: fuzzy Thomas sleepers, Boz books, and more!

On Saturday we had family over to celebrate, what a houseful! The theme was Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat.

Alia, Isaiah, Eva, Emma, and Salma joined Levi and Isaac for the festivities - Hannah, Lydia and Eli joined in too.
Tara came up with some fun activies: along with making the hats we also pinned a tie on the Cat; here Levi gets pretty close!
Even Brett got roped into the game, we had fun giving him some extra spins...
Here's those famous Fruit Loops...
It's alot of candles to blow out!

Each year we take a pic of the guys in my Huntingon College letter jacket; it's still pretty big on them...but not for long!

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