Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What is Truth?

Pilate asked it of Jesus.

Plenty of people are still asking it. Including me.

I keep running into people that are very confused over what is true, what is the Truth.

Are the claims of Christianity true?

What about the claims of the other religions?

What about the differing claims of the three branches of Christianity?

What about the thousands of differing claims of Protestant Christianity?

What is the True of what is claimed by the many, many, many different beliefs?

A lot of it hinges on whether you accept the Scriptures as trustworthy and reliable. If you don't, then that leaves you with a great deal of uncertainty about how to attain Truth.

But, and this is the thing that gets me and many of my friends, even if you accept the Scriptures as trustworthy and reliable, there is still so much that is debatable and not 100% clear.

If you use historical data and arguments to track the development of the Scriptures, it seems easy enough to cast doubts on methodology, documentation, etc. If you can cast doubt on the historicity of the Scriptures, then you cast enough doubt on the reliability of the Scriptures, and thus doubt on what is true according to what God has revealed.

And for all the evangelical scholars that I respect who have done an admirable job to track the historical reliablity of the Scriptures, my friends would say: of course they found the Scriptures to be historically reliable...

What of the secular scholars whose investigation into the reliability of the Scriptures lead to their salvation? And what of those who stayed secular?

I believe the Scriptures to be trustworthy and reliable, and the historical data is convincing to me.

I also believe it is important to do some serious research to find good answers for why there are so many differing belief systems in light of the Scriptures claim that Jesus is the One Way to the One LORD.

So here I go...

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