Sunday, February 17, 2008


Tonight was a lot of fun!

Four neighborhood churches gathered together at Anchor tonight for a fantastic array of delicious soups and very tasty desserts! Trinity United Methodist, Grace Presbyterian, North Highlands Church of Christ and First Mennonite join us - over 100 - in the Fellowship Hall to eat, and then we gathered in the Sanctuary for some beautiful and energy-full singing. It was a full house! It was fun to have my wife Tara singing up there along with Jody, and the guys in the band were having a lot of fun too!

The lesson we did had to to do with the Temptation of Jesus - the fourth lesson in the series "The Jesus I Never Knew" by Philip Yancey. The overall effect is to prepare us for the Passion week as we continue to meet on Sunday nights during the Lenten Season. The lesson of Jesus this week focused on the temptation to be impatient: turn stones to bread, bow down as a shortcut to saving the world. What about us, as we serve in the name of Jesus, loving our friends, families, strangers and even we get impatient with others? With God? With ourselves?

Jesus resisted the temptation to be impatient. Jesus is still patient with us. Which is part of the good news we choose to believe.

The challenge to our local neighborhood churches: be patient with God, with each other, and your church. It is easy for our small city churches to get impatient...

Tonight was a good reminder to remember that God "never lets go", and so neither should we.

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