Saturday, February 16, 2008



No U23D...

Tara and I showed up at the Rave, 9:30pm ready to pick up our pre-ordered tickets. Tara is gifted with intuition - as we walk up to the theatre, she notes that there are alot of cars waiting to pick people up...which doesn't make sense if the other U23D show ended an hour ago. Something was not right. We walk into the theatre and nowhere does it have a sign up for our show. Nothing!

I go to the teller to pick up my ticket and I ask her if the U23D is showing tonight. Hannah Montana is showing instead.


Well, I paid online, can I get my money back?

Ummmm...I'll have to talk to a manager.

[Static] "We have another one here for the U23D, can you meet him in the lobby"

Tara and I meet the manager who hurriedly and apologetically explains what happened: Disney and National Geographic had a scheduling conflict. Since so many pre-teens were being herded to Hannah Montana by parents in minivans, Disney decided to extend the show another week. So too bad National Geographic and U2. Down with Disney!

Supposedly U23D is rescheduled for next Friday, the 22. But if Hannah Montana does well again, Disney might just extend it another week.



Kratz said...

So why didn't you watch Hannah Montana? Didn't want to see the daughter of a bad country singer?

Nathan said...

That sucks! Hannah really missed out on seeing that instead.