Monday, January 11, 2010

Faster, Richer, Amazinger

Starting my twelfth full year at Anchor prompts a lot of reflection. Well, the start of any year is a good time to think back and think ahead. And this year also starts a new decade. The start of my next decade at Anchor. That's weird to write.

When I sit back in my office chair, put my hands behind my head and look around, and look back, remembering all the people and events of the past many years... I'm overwhelmed by how fast it has all seemed to go by. And it only seems to be getting faster (which is what everyone who is older than me says happens...). How quickly the time went. I think back over the times spent with so many great people, wonderful families, all the friends that have come and gone over the past twelve years. It's with regret that there is no pause button; instead the time just goes by faster and faster.

But the accumulation of all those experiences and memories only serves to make today richer. It's layer and layers of conversations and crisis' that have flown by, that have made these days full of a new and fresh richness. It's like dipping my hands deep into a bowl of rememberings, and pulling them up letting the reflections dribble out of my fingers. So many to try and hold onto, but not all of them can be clung to at any one time. So many are forgotten, until something flys across my radar and reminds me of something funny or grateful or painful.

This all adds up to a life that gets amazinger and amazinger. Life is becoming more unexplainable and yet more predictable. The mystery deepens and yet the learning is ceaseless. The capacity of hearts to change is amazing, and the stubbornness of pride is still annoying. And it all cycles around faster and faster, and yet it moves forward somehow making life richer. Life is amazing. Ministry has been amazing. And hard. And confusing. And rewarding.

I'm thankful and overwhelmed because of Anchor. Thankful and overwhelmed for the faster, richer, amazinger life that has been given to me.

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