Sunday, January 24, 2010

October 2009

Lotsa fun! That's how we remember October. And that includes potty training for Eli. It was a piece of cake for the boy - thanks to his mommy's secret strategy! Eli went shopping with Tara and picked out his new pull ups, as well as his special snacks (salty!) and drinks. He was ready for training to start - he want's to be like his big brothers.

Eli was quite content to sit and read while he waited... :) By the end of the weekend he was getting pretty good, and by the end of the next week he was a pro!

October included plenty of time playing outside in the leaves, on the swings and in the fort. It also included pumpkin carving - Grandpa didn't have his garden this year, so instead Tara took the kids to a farm in Leo. The kids had a good time picking out their pumpkin - each one was unique; I made sure they picked out an ugly one for me. When it comes to using the Cutco knife, Tara is in charge. Did you know she sold them while in college? They're still sharp and dangerous seventeen years later!

I'm proud of my boys - they know how to make a fun event disgusting. I tried to stop Isaac from chowing down on the pumpkin guts...

Levi saw how much his brother enjoyed the pulp and wasn't going to miss out!

Eli didn't want anything to do with the guts, but Emma was brave enough to try it.

Aargh! The pumpkin monster!

Each pumpkin has it's own personality, influenced by the imagination of their carver!

Ooooooooo... scarrrrry!

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