Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fall Concerts and Family Races

Some neat stuff happened in September. For example, Emma continued her toothless phase.  She's always a little nervous when a tooth gets wiggly, but she's always happy at the prospect of money appearing beneath her pillow!

The boys began their second year of preschool. Though they were a bit concerned about getting new teachers and new classmates, they were ready to give it a try. Levi and Isaac didn't talk a whole lot the first couple of weeks, but they had fun playing at the different activity centers.

A highlight of the month was the U2 concert in Chicago! Tara and I traveled up to the show with our neighbors Phil and Reena. Click here for more about the weekend!

Another highlight of the month was the Fort for Fitness Run.

Tara did the four-mile last year, and she trained to run the thirteen mile this year. She also roped me into running the race this year. Not only me but Amy also ran the four mile this year.

A neat feature was the Kid Marathon. During the summer kids logged how many miles they ran, totaling it up to 25.2, and then on Friday night they run the last mile through the city and end up crossing home plate! I got to run the last mile with her - there were hundreds of kids participating - which made it a lot of fun.

Here's the all the fans who came to cheer Emma while she finished her marathon!

Emma crossing the finish line!

Toothless, tired, and happy!

After Amy and I finished our four mile, Karen and Rozal brought the kids to the stadium so we could all watch Tara complete her mini-marathon. We had a good time hanging out, cheering for all the different people we knew crossing the finish line. Papa Jim walked/ran the four mile, so he joined up with us afterwards, so did Aunt Loretta and cousins Michael and Julie. Jen Johnson and her friend hung out with us a bit. So did HU President Blair Dowden! Our neighbors Phil and Reena (who placed second for women in the four mile!) stopped by too.

Tara and her running partner Jen cross the line together! What an achievement!

A happy Tara with four relived children (can we go home yet?)!

The racing sisters Amy and Tara!

Tara inspired me to attempt the thirteen mile next year. She, of course, is determined to run it again - and faster! We enjoyed preparing for the race together, and we look forward to many more years of running. Surprise, surprise, now Tara's talking about a full marathon in Chicago!

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