Thursday, January 06, 2011

Talking to your Kids and Teens about "It"

What's your story about how your folks talked to you about "it?" Sex.

Here's a piece from Rob Bell's book Sex God in relation to this crucial conversation:

Somehow we got on the subject of how we were first told about sex. One friend heard about it from his dad, who used ticket stubs to show how... well, actually he doesn't remember how the ticket stubs fit into his dad's explanation.

He was so traumatized by the subject that he stopped listening partway through. Other than his experience, which made us laugh, and a few others, it was striking how many in the group did not hear about sex from their parents. In fact, as the conversation continued, it turned out that a good number of the group were raised in homes where sex was not talked about at all.

How can parents ignore something this big?

That's an agonizing question. Was that part of your story?

How is the talk going to go for your kids and teens?
Are you scared about it? Does it make you nervous?


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