Friday, January 14, 2011

Trusting Three Neighborhood Kids

This afternoon as I was leaving the office to head home for dinner with my family, three neighborhood kids stopped me on my way out the door. The two boys had old snow shovels, the little girl looked very cold. They wanted to know if I would pay them to shovel off the porch and steps. 

According to their story, they were trying to earn money so they could afford to go roller-skating with their school. Their parents agreed to take them, but the kids had to come up with their own cash for the event. I was impressed that the three of them, a brother and sister team and a friend, were out working hard to pay their own way. 

I gave them three bucks in advance of them cleaning off the porch and steps. I asked them how I would know if they would actually do the work, since I had to get going. They promised they would do the work. I gave the money to the second grade girl and told her not to give the money to the older boys until they had finished their job to her approval. 

It seemed like a good idea to introduce myself to the neighborhood kids, and they told me their names. I told them that I was the pastor here, and that they were welcome to come and visit anytime. I invited them to church on Sunday, but the one boy said he lived with his dad on the weekends in Columbia City. His dad makes motorcycles.  The brother and sister remarked in disappointment that they had to hang out with their dad and his girlfriend on Sundays. They remembered the Halloween Maze though, and were pretty impressed with the church, but it didn't seem likely they'd be able to come on a Sunday morning. 

Later that evening I returned to the church for some meetings. As I was turning out the lights, I checked the porch and steps. Sure enough, those three neighborhood kids kept their word. I was very pleased. It was three bucks well spent. I'd like to hope it was some seeds sown for good. And I hope they have a lot of fun at their school roller-skating party. 

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