Friday, January 28, 2011

Where Would It Take You?

It's late summer. You've snuck into your old school to explore and play and hang out. Of course there's the risk of getting caught - that's the whole point. You and your pals are running the halls, trying doorknobs to see which ones are unlocked. As you race through, you find an unfamiliar hallway. Catching your breath, you all saunter down, surprised to find a new space to discover in your old school. You resume shaking the doorknobs. They're all locked. Except for a rusted door wedged shut. Pushing and kicking, prying and grunting, it reluctantly scrapes open. You can feel a breeze, a musty smell rushing at your face. 

As you and your friends squeeze through, you wish you would have brought a flashlight. You've found the  abandoned entrance to a very old tunnel. You've heard of the famous limestone mines - and now you've discovered a secret opening. What lies below? What's behind the myths and legends? Will you come back?


National Geographic had a compelling article on the mines below Paris. You should read it. There was an paragraph in the article that caught my attention. It mentioned that there were access doors to these mines located in schools! Imagine that - wandering through your school and discovering a door to the limestone mines. It's the making of a great adventure story. If I were a writer, I'd play around with that concept. 

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