Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When You Are Lost

Lostness, darkness, confusion, fear, rage, hurt, fogginess, uncertainty - this is life for too many of us. Midnight in the ER, listening to the wailing and frustration of someone who is lost - it breaks my heart. It is crucial to admit lostness, to accept it, to no longer want it. But then what? 

When you are lost, don't give up on being found. 

When you are lost, keep yearning for getting unlost. 

When you are lost and confused and searching for a better way, a more right way, keep reaching out for help.

When you are lost in your heart, when you have lost your way, when you have lost your morals, when you have lost your trust, when you have lost your love, when you have lost intimacy, when you have lost friendship, when you have lost peace, when you have lost faith... you can be found again. 

You can begin again. You can make things right - more right than they were before. This is what God does in the world, working through men and women to help bring foundness to lostness, bring healing to wounds, to make right what has become wrong and broken. 

When you are lost, are you willing to be found? To begin again? To discover how to make things more right? 

When you are lost, you don't have to walk alone. 

When you are lost, pray. 

When you are lost, God is still with you. 

When you are lost...

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