Monday, June 18, 2007

California, Here We Come! First Stop: St. Louis...

Ah, we finally made it to the pool. We were all looking forward to a wet dip, to stretch our legs, to play and relax. The trip so far has been fine. No problems...yet. We met up with Jerm, Maria, Eva and Lydia just outside of Warren; our caravan of three has been cruising right along. We left about an hour later than we planned. It just took us awhile to get all the little stuff packed just right in the van; especially after S&F had to repack their whole car to get Dad & Mum's stuff to fit.

After our family photo and group prayer, we hit the road.

One of the highlights was driving along I70 into St. Louis; we could see the Arch for miles. Tara snapped a dozen of cool pics, this one made the cut. If only we had gotten out of the house on time, we might have been able to squeeze in a quick walk around the famous Gateway to the West. Oh well, next time.

Tara and I are finally getting ready for bed. Levi is sleeping on the floor in his Califoria bed, much to his excitement; and Isaac gets to share a bed with Daddy - he's still grinning from ear to ear at midnight! Emma is conked in Mommy's bed...let's hope they don't steal each other's blankets. And then there is Eli, all wrapped up in his own bed, raised up off the floor, all peaceful and poofy haired.

After sleeping in tomorrow, we'll get a tasty breakfast and then hit the road. Next stop: Kansas!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun, Drive Safetly friends.


Mom J said...

All is under control on Whispering Woods Dr. Looks like you are having fun! Hope everyone is enjoying each day and sleeping at night!