Friday, June 22, 2007

Movin' on to Moab

We finally arrived in Utah, it's late at night in Moab, just outside Arches National Park. We're all tired - it was a long drive across the Rockies, but OH! what a drive it was...I ran out of words to describe the beauty and majesty and wonder of the mountains and all its terrain and vegetation.

Before hitting the road for Moab, we ventured up to Pikes Peak; at the six mile mark is a resevoir with a small trail, a gift shop and great photo ops. After a bit of strolling we wound our way down that mount.

Don't Levi and Isaac look cool in their sunglasses and new souvenir hats?

So tomorrow it will be an early morning, we'll visit Arches, then Canyonlands. We'll end up at Bryce Canyon, in time to get some rest and then visit that famous place.

More stuff happened today, but we'll save it for later. I'm tired.

Okay, it is now several days later (6.29) and I'm updating this post:

Breakfast is a necessity for our boys, and Isaac has figured out how to butter his own bread...he really likes butter, and he really likes to butter toast. It was a great way to start the day as we headed out of Colorado.

After breakfast we ventured over to the Koi pond to throw in some coins. Tara told Emma not to stand on the rocks, but Nooooo, Emma wouldn't listen...and so she fell in. Poor Emma. We could tell it was going to be a good day of travelling.

Another one of the interesting parts of the day was our lunch break just west of Denver. We pulled into a little plaza looking for a place to eat, and we found this quaint German-Amercan Diner. Hannah the hostess met us with a thick German accent and led us to a table. The menu had great authentic German food: I ordered a Reuben, which I often order when I visit a restaurant - and this was the tastiest, juiciest, most flavorable one I'd ever had. As we munched, we noticed another couple order some dessert - it looked like the Apple Streudel that was being advertised on the chalk board. We ordered three of them to be split amongst the ten of us. They were loaded with lots of whip cream, a scoop of yummy vanilla ice cream, and lots of apples. So when we pushed back from the table, we had to have a picture with our hostess Hannah. But when we got the bill...lets just say that Tara plopped down sixty bucks on her way to take Emma to the girls room, and had to plop down another twenty when we got back because Aunt Faye ran out of cash!

We laughed as we left the restaurant! How could the meal have cost that much! It was good, but shelling out more than $140 for our lunch was an eye-popper! We may never go back to Genesee, but boy did she serve up a good Reuben.

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