Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good Morning, Monterrey!

We've arrived! Late last night we rolled on in to Old Monterrey, tired but ready for our ultimate destination. Yesterday we enjoyed lots of time at Yosemite National Park. What a beautiful, marvelous, spacious, delightful place of mountian rock, waterfalls, trees and fields. We spent a bunch of hours there - driving to the park, walking to two of the waterfalls, eating lunch, and leisurely meandering around the quaint village.

Now we're getting ready for breakfast, ready to drive around Monterrey and see what is here. Then we'll hopefully jump in the pool, get some lunch, and then maybe naps.

I can hear the seagulls, maybe we'll go for a walk along the ocean soon!


Here's some pics of majestic Sequoia National Park: they win the award for most artistic sign.

It was by far the most winding, slowest, breathtaking road we traveled yet. I was deeply thankful for the construction zone...I was so tired driving up that hill. The stop gave me a chance to take a snooze (with the van in park) while we waited our turn to drive a particular stretch of road.
It's really hard to comprehend just how are these enormous ancient trees. We gave up trying to photograph them, for one could only capture a fraction of the tree in any of the shots.
Eli and I take a rest from the climb up from viewing General Sherman, the most famous tree in the world. It is not the tallest tree, nor the thickest, but it is tall enough and thick enough to make it the tree with the most mass on the earth. What a gigantic work of art. I carried Eli the half mile down and the half mile up, he enjoyed the canter, and I enjoyed the fresh air with my son.


Here are some pics from wonderful Yosemite:
Somewhere along the trail Isaac picked up a walking stick. He was loathe to leave it behind, but we had to teach him that one must never take anything out of a National Park.

The river flowing out of the park...

The Happy Hallman's at our new favorite national park.

This is the first waterfall we stopped to view... quite stunning.

Emma and Eli take a break on daddy's lap...just having fun...

This is famous Half Dome Rock...no one knows what happened to the other half.

Levi loves to learn more...

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