Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Relaxing in Monterey

Yesterday was our first full day in Monterey; it was wonderful to relax, sleep in, play in the pool, and after naps take a big walk. Here's some pics of our day, starting with our romp in the water.

As we walked around, of course we had to note where the local Starbucks was located. Neat place.

We also found several used bookstores that caught my attention; I really liked the hours for this bookstore - I'm thinking of putting it out front of my church doors.

Here are some classic pics of Monterey; the famous Cannery Row fictionalized by local John Steinbeck, the Wharf where you find lots of shops and restaurants, and the famous harbor with all the yachts. What fascinated me was the history; hardworking families fished in the bay, but then greedy men set up cannery factories and drained the bay dry of sardines and other fish. The dozens of factories closed, leaving a desolated and dilapidated waterfront. Now it has been restored; even redeemed - the beautiful Monterey Bay Aquarium resides in one of the old canneries, inspiring children and adults to be wise and creative stewards of the ocean.

On Tuesday nights Monterey is famous for its Street Markets; dozens and dozens of stalls with delicious foods, tasty vegetables, flowers, baskets, clothes, backrubs, and lots of treats. Emma and Eva had their face painted by a kind lady - this is California style face-painting! Tara and I ordered a falafel - we haven't had one since Israel in 1997; mmmmmmmh! Fortuantely Emma and the kids didn't like it, so we didn't have to share the delicacy. The kids feasted on enormous, juciy, flavorfull (no spray) strawberries and powerful-tasting raspberries. It was a fun night out on the town.

Today was also Eli's three month birthday - which means we take the Bear Pictures. Since we didn't have much room for our long trip, Tara brought a picture of the bear to be included in the photo shoot. Clever Tara!

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