Sunday, June 03, 2007

Time for a Makeover...Part Deux

Well, we're home...again. Tara, Eli and I travelled up to Sawmill Creek Resort on Thursday for our UB National Conference. Then we travelled to Berne, IN on Friday afternoon for the beautiful wedding of Rick and Jamie Schwartz. Following the fun reception, we drove back home and went to bed late. We slept in on Saturday, and then packed up the whole family (including Grandma Rozer) and we went all the way back to the resort. I really wanted to get up there so we could jump in the pool. But we didn't get up there till after 3pm, and once we got there we realized we had no sunscreen or swimmerdiapers for the guys. So Grandma went looking for a Wal-mart. About ninetyminutes later we were finally getting into the indoor pool; which worked out fine because a huge rainstorm came up on us real quick. We played with Donnie Gentry and his lovely girls, splashed and laughed. I think it was the first time that our three oldest had been in a pool like that before...Emma and Isaac jumped right in, floating around and enjoying it; tentative Levi just dangled his legs in the water and sat with Grandma for a long time. Alot of driving in a long weekend, but it was worth it.

The speakers for the conference were right on target.

Brad Powell from Northsomething Church outside of Detroit spoke Thursday and Friday night; his prophetic Thursday night message boldly reminded us of what we already know: God has given us a purpose for the church, and the promises, and the power, and the potential. He has revealed all of that to us, and our job is to be relevant to our culture with it...and not to fear, God will reveal how to do that as well. Without being overly pious, Powell communicated a strong reliance on God-direction in every facet of ministry. It was clear that it is hard work to get God-direction and follow the instructions, it takes all the energy of your heart, soul, mind and body. But it is crucial that every Christ-follower listen long and hard to what God has already said (and believe it) and what he is saying (and do it).

Ken Quick from a seminary somehwere, directed our attention to the Church of Ephesus, as referenced in Revelation 2. The church as a whole had done some things right, and wrong. But they had not acknowledged what was wrong, had stayed ignorant of it, had neglected confession and repentance, and avoided reconciliation and returning to their first true love. He challenged pastors to learn the history of your church and its members; and where their is hurt in your history, work hard to get it healed up. Anchor has a lot of people with alot of hurts; I had not thought about how those hurts create for a collective hurt...

Ron Ramsey wrapped up the weekend with a potent message Sunday morning. Know your position in Christ. Know your potential, accept the power, accept the promises, accept the position he gives you. Stop whining about what you don't have, and ask God for what you want; if he doesn't give it right away, keep asking - and if he still won't give it, then make do with out it. Don't wait for perfect circumstances to get started on ministry; do ministry where you are with what you have and who you are. Preach to change lives. Minister to transform lives. Serve to redeem lives.

The makeover of the denomination has begun...we'll see how extreme it is as the years pass by. I'm planning on it beginning at Anchor, and working to make it happen going the way of Jesus.

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