Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday #60 Grandma Karen!

Everyone had a good time getting together to honor and celebrate the wonderful milestone of 60 birthdays for Grandma Karen.

Jamil volunteered for kid-duty. Emma prefers to listen to her stories upside down. Isaac...well I guess he didn't like the story that Alia picked out.

Amy had the brilliant idea of buying 60 of something for Grandma Karen; Here E.L.I are helping her unpack boxes of cookies...

Tara and Amy lugged in one of the heaviest cakes they could find - and tastiest.

After exhausting Jamil's reading capacity, the kids moved on to Aunt Shirley and Aunt Carol. Aunt Carol is reading Eli the Wide-Mouthed Frog book...nobody can read that story quite like Aunt Carol!

Levi and Isaac liked the frog story so much they insisted that Uncle Allen read it to them...I think Levi is either yawning or imitating the frog. Uncle Allen did such a good job that the boys kept him entertained the rest of the night!

The Queen and two of her princesses...if only Dawn could have made it, the trio would have been complete.

The Queenmother and the Queen...aren't they cute?!

Eli was exhausted by the time everyone headed home. He likes parties, fortunately he also likes to sleep.

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