Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Way of Anchor and The Present Future - Part One

Six Tough Questions for the Church.

Reggie McNeal's book resonates deeply with me. Professor Ruth Ann Price of Huntington University recommended it; it's the book her class is reading - the class to which she invited me to speak this year and last. This year I picked up the book to review it prior to the class discussion. I was blown away by how bold and on target he was with his observations, questions and answers.

The six chapters of the book each orient around a New Reality that is emerging, a reality that churches had better recognize and enter into - or else they will slowly disappear into irrelevance and lukewarmness.

New Reality One: The Collapse of the Church Culture

New Reality Two: The Shift from Church Growth to Kingdom Growth

New Reality Three: A New Reformation - Releasing God's People

New Reality Four: The Return of Spiritual Formation

New Reality Five: The Shift from Planning to Preparation

New Reality Six: The Rise of Apostolic Leadership

It is refreshing to read an author who speaks with clarity the thoughts that have been stirring in my head and heart. He speaks into reality a future that I vaguely yet tenaciously wondered about, even yearned for. This book gives me great insight into what is next for Anchor, for what I am to do and be, and what Anchor can become in this new reality.

I'm going to post over the next few weeks/months on each chapter, writing out my answers to his tough questions. I know it will do me good, maybe it will inspire you as well.

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Fresh Dirt said...

I met Reggie last year in Fresno. What a generous spirit! That guy really knows his stuff and offers really practical advice to pastors. Not only is he spot on regarding his observations of church and culture, but he is also very encouraging giving very concrete steps that pastors can do in their churches.