Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry New Year...

It is almost midnight, Tara and I are chillin' on the couch.

We're munching on chips and salsa..but it's not just any salsa, it's Jack's Special Salsa. Look for it in your local grocery store. It's delicious, one of the best salsas I've ever had. Second only to Dennis' salsa. His Venezulan salsa is Numero Uno. But I can only get his homemade concoction on rare occasions, so I must settle for the savory Jack' Special Salsa.


Highlights of 2007 for the Happy Hallman Home

Number One: Birth of Eli Martin Hallman. He was born on my brother Matt's Birthday, and we just dedicated him to the Lord on Matt's Deathday. A special year.

Number Two: The Family Vacation to Monterey, California. Fourteen Hallmans ventured across our beautiful America to visit the hometown of our Aunt Faye. We took a week to get there, spent a week there, and took a week to return home. The trip of a lifetime. In our Chevy Venture we had four children four and under, and they did pretty good, and Tara and I had fun.

Number Three: Celebrate Twelve Years of Marriage to my Beautiful Wife, Tara. 12 is a special number for us.
Our First Date: November 12, 1993
Our Engagement Date: December 12, 1994
Our Wedding Date: August 12, 1995
Found Out We Were Pregnant with Emma: July 12, 2002
Went Into Labor with Emma: March 12, 2003
Levi and Isaac were born on the Twelfth Day of Christmas: January 5, 2005

Some Anticipated Highlights of 2008:

Eli turns 1 on March 26!

I graduate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a Masters of Divinity this Summer.

Emma starts Kindergarten in the Fall.

Levi and Isaac begin Preschool the Fall as well.

Anchor Community Church will celebrate its Tenth Anniversary in October.

Tara gets caught up on her eight scrapbooks...not including the California trip; all this by the end of the year!

Hope you have a Merry New Year in 2008...

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