Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Scissors, The Dentist, and the Thanksgiving Indian Girl

This was quite the sight to behold; I walked in the door and there before me was a cascade of color littering the table and floor. The culprit? A serene, focused, and happy little boy with his scissors. Long after the other siblings had departed unto some other destructive venture, Isaac contentedly cut up his colored paper.

Lucky Levi travelled to the dentist for his first filling. Momma took the brave little boy. Though he was all smiles on the trip there, he was a tad doped up the on the way home. By the evening he was back to his normal self, at 100 mph!

Emma was part of her preschool's Thanksgiving program, can you find her? She enjoyed listening to the other kids sing the songs, she also likes looking around at people.

She made most of her costume herself, she was quite proud of it.

Don't they both have a beautiful smile?!

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