Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Barry Bonds & Homerun #756

Over the right field wall, I witnessed the historic and controversial homerun in the bottom of the fifth, a 3-2 count, against the Washington Nationals in San Fransisco. He crushed it to the deepest part of the park, so says ESPN announcer Rick Sutcliffe. Tara and I have mixed emotions about it all; we love homeruns like most people, but the steroids scandal seems to sap some of the thrill out of this homerun achievement. We also had mixed emotions about the fanfare around the homerun...maybe a bit over the top...they stop the game, family rushes on the field for hugs, Willie Mays comes out for an announcement, Hank Aaron provides a digital video congrats, Barry speaks... and there are still two outs to get in the bottom of the fifth. Just go on with the game, and do the special congrats after the game is finished. But no one asked my opinion.

The anonymous fan was escorted by a thick cavalcade of police officers, the camera quickly panned to him as he was carried along by the police. He was all grins, slapping hands of fellow fans, the ball likely clutched in one of his trembling hands. It was a funny clip; the second one showed him wearing a Mets jersey! Which reminds me, while we are handing out congrats, here's one for Tom Glavine, for 300 wins!

Maybe now the controversy will get resolved; either Bonds will go away in a month after the regular season ends, or the MLB will efficiently and effectively settle the case and serve justice for the game and its fans.

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