Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer Fun w/ the Guys

Big Brother Levi taking care of his baby brother Eli!

Big brother Isaac giving his baby brother Eli some love

Papa Ger reading a bedtime story up at the lake

Levi and Isaac spraying water all over their backyard - it was a very hot day, but it was fun in the shade

Eli recently discovered the joy of sticking out his tongue

Nothing like lunch on the patio during a lazy summer afternoon

Eli finally enjoys bouncing in his saucer, though I think he sometimes gets overstimulated...

Eli on his four month birthday

Guess who likes to be on their belly?

Isaac and Levi going for a spin on the fast boat up at the lake...they like it fast!

Daddy, Isaac and Levi on the carousel at Fun Spot

Isaac the bikerider

Give'em a smile Eli!

Relaxing after a fun day at the lake

Levi showing Eli how to play with some of his new toys

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