Thursday, August 02, 2007

Last Night (well...more like early this morning) I Finished Reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

If you've not yet read the book, then don't read this post.

It's a good book...good not meaning an average, acceptable book, but good in the profound sense.

There is lots of death in the book, it was hard to accept...except that the author intentionally brought the issue of death to the forefront of the whole story.

Two major pieces of Scripture become central to Harry's understanding of how to complete his task. And some significant Christian theology themes take centre stage: the one who dies for others also has had evil placed upon him, thus when he dies, the evil power begins to weaken; the one who dies this death is brought back to life to complete the victory of justice and mercy over wickedness and cruelty; a trinity of friends are bound together to complete the task of overcoming evil with good; the journey of the trinity is essential to their ability to complete the task given them for saving/delivering/rescuing their world.

The final epilogue is almost underdramatic, but then it is also satisfying...though it is hard to envision Harry Potter living a normal life for the next fifty years in light of his thrilling and terrifying seven years at Hogwarts. And what about Draco...what an interesting character...and then there is Snape...the other understated hero of the story. The revelation of how Albus and Severus worked together to direct and shape Harry...insightful, fulfilling, and inspiring. Philosophically, the reflections on power, greed, envy, utilitarianism, friendship, death, sacrifice, remorse, repentance, forgiveness, love and kindness were good prompts to me as I considered what I would do in the situations of Harry, Albus, Ron, Hermoine, Severus and Riddle.

In a couple of years I'll read through all seven straight'll probably take a whole summer though... wouldn't that be delightful?!

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