Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Summer of Melons

This summer we consumed more watermelon and canteloupes than any other year. Tara and the kids love watermelon, but I've never been a big fan of it; it's okay to eat, but I'm okay with out it. Until this summer. It seems like I'm buying a watermelon everyweek at the grocery store, and we devour it...mmmmmm good.

Canteloupe is another story; I've never liked it. My parents really liked it, but not me. It would be a common experience to hear my parents discussing the merits of canteloupe; it was like each melon was its own entity, you enver knew how good one was going to taste - and every time I worked up the courage to try a piece, blech, yuck. Apparently each canteloupe can vary greatly in its quality of sweetness, texture, and overall flavor (this comes from my farmer father who has seventy years experience with consuming the fruit...). But for whatever reason this year, my tastebuds rejoiced at the taste of canteloupe, and the kids like it too. So now each week we get a canteloupe and dice it up along with the watermelon and enjoy the tasty snack in the heat of the afternoon, or for dessert.

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