Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Better Driver

Yesterday I finished my four hour course on how to be a better driver. Apparently the state of Indiana felt that I needed a remedial course in traffic safety. For some reason I was deemed, for a time, as a menace to pedestrians and fellow drivers. In the old days when I got speeding tickets I would get fined, I would get points on my license, and then my insurance rates would go up. But that is not enough anymore! Now, if you get two or more infractions within a sixmonth period, they inflict more punishment...the hazard level goes up! Four hours of reading about how to use my left arm to signal if my lights go out in my car, four hours of reading about how to merge into traffic, how not to back up on a freeway if I miss my exit, and most importantly to dim my headlights from bright to dim when I am 500 feet from an oncoming car, or 300 feet behind a car.

So now I am a better driver, I passed my final exam answering 24 of 25 questions correctly. The one I missed was a trick question: True or False - You are never allowed to pass on the right side when traveling in the right lane. I answered True, because on a prior chapter quiz when I answered a similar answer with False, I got it wrong. Arrgh...stupid trick questions.

If you ever find yourself accumulating enough points that Indiana BMV decides to assign you some remedial traffic courses, I recommend, it is completely online and easy to do.

One thing I did learn, a cop can pull you over at any time for speeding and give you a ticket even if there is no speed limit signs posted - the driver must always know the appropriate speed required, and should assume a lower speed rather than the assumed maximum speed. Just a helpful tip inspired by!

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