Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary #12!

Today, August 12, is anniversary #12!

In the old days we'd take a whole week off during August 12; but now that school starts on the 13th, and now that we have four children age four and under, and since we already took a three week trip to California earlier in the summer, we just took the weekend off. The last couple years have been either a weekend at home with no kids, or Tara on the couch pregnant with no kids around. This year we took the kids up to the lake Thursday night and slept in on Friday. Then Tara and I headed up to Kendallville to the Elks golf course there where Jamil is the Head Pro. We played eighteen holes and had lots of fun; it's the first time since Emma was born that the two of us have played golf together. We love playing golf together!

We headed back to the lake, grabbed Eli and headed for home before the older three woke up from their naps. Once home, I ran out to get carry-out Chinese and rented the four Harry Potter movies out on DVD. We've yet to see the fifth movie in theatres. We stayed up late watching the first two, and then spent the morning and afternoon watching the next two; it was very relaxing and fun.

After mowing the yard we three went back up to the lake for supper and a pontoon ride around the lake. Then we did bathtime, got the kiddos in the pjs, and made for home. So this morning, we slept in till 8am, ate blueberries with our cereal for breakfast, and then headed to the FW Children's Zoo! It was fun and hot. We were ready for naps, all six of us. We spent the evening eating watermelon, riding bikes on the sidewalk, killing Japanese beetles, playing basketball, watching our wedding video while munching on popcorn, and then a late bedtime. And so Tara and I end our anniversary - she's feeding Eli while reading through the Deathly Hallows...she's reading the chapter of the Battle for Hogwarts...she can't put it down...and I'm watching Sportscenter while typing this blog. Oh happy bliss! Really!

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