Thursday, October 26, 2006

Now that some of you are spending time reading the Bible alot, you are finding it harder to understand then you imagined (or hoped). Even if you are reading these blogs, reading commentary notes in your Bibles, or even journaling about the Scriptures, actually reading the Scriptures isn't always the easiest thing. One way to make it more understandable is find a different translation of the Bible.

Copy and past the following link into your browser and visit...

There you will find a site where you can read any passage of the Bible in over two dozen translations of English. There you will find the KJV, the Message, NASB, and others. For some of you, reading from The Message might be a good alternative. It is a very readable English translation that puts the Scripture in very modern mode of speaking/story telling. I have used the Message for years and highly recommend it. You can read your weekly assignments online through this website and see if you like the translation. If you really like it, you can go and buy your own copy, or just keep using and get it for free.

A link is available on the blogsite. Enjoy!

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