Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tigers Win! Tigers Win! Tigers Win!

Did you see Ordonez's homerun? What a swing! What a hit! What a run!

Normally I would despise the Tigers. The animoisty was stoked while in middle school. I had just moved from Ontario, Canada to Michigan, USA. At that time, the Blue Jays and Tigers (1987) were both very competitve and big rivals. I was persecuted for my beliefs in the superiority of the Jays, but the infidel supporters of the Tigers could not dampen my enthusiasm for my team. But now almost twenty years later (did I just write that...twenty years!!! that's two decades...that's a long, long, long time...anyway), the Jays aren't able to compete with the Yankees or Bosox (teams which are a disgrace to the MLB).

So now the Tigers are hot, and I'll cheer for them instead of the Jays. I am a fan of the Cubs, but only because I like rooting for the underdog...which means I'll always be a Cubbie fan. The Tigers have been underdogs for years, which makes their spot in the world series so cool!

I love MLB playoffs...I try to watch all of the games, it's nostalgic. I remember watching MLB games as a little tyke up in the cold hinterland of Canada...we'd only get three channels in those days, and one of them was in French. Fortunately MLB was in English! Go Tigers!

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