Saturday, October 07, 2006

Emma's Haircut

1. Emma had her hair cut for the first time on Friday.

It was a Mommy/Daughter trip, but I at least was able to convince them not to cut too much of her golden locks off.

2. They had a wonderful time, Emma even had her fingernails painted pink! Very cute.

Emma is going to be 4 in March, so she's gone a long time without even a trim.

3. Now it is Saturday night and Emma is finishing her popcorn. She watched a Strawberry Shortcake movie. Every Saturday night is bath night, and movie night with popcorn - a nice little tradition.

4. After I finish writing this sentence Emma will be going to bed; she'll brush her teeth, we'll read a story to her, she'll receive a drink of water, we'll put the book away, we'll pray together, we'll hug and kiss, and then I'll turn on the music, we'll shut off the lights and then she tells me an impromptu story. It is always fun!

5. (the numbers were Emma's idea! - she even typed them herself...she insisted)



chris said...

Congradulations Emma for making it through your first hair cut. Chris

Anonymous said...

What neat entries for a journal of times with your children.

grandma rozal said...

That was special....I'm glad I checked the blog and didn't miss it. But, what's strange....I saw Emma today and didn't even notice that her hair was cut!!!! Oh, Man!