Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

This was the first year I have done Halloween with my kids. I'm not much of a Halloween fan (secularization of an ancient occultic tradition mixed with market exploitation), so I wasn't too excited about doing Halloween...until this year. Anchor hosts an event on Halloween night, and the year that Emma was born, I was helping organize that event; I kind of felt bad about not being there for the photo shoot at Grandma Karen's house - 7mo old Emma was very cute in her Tiger costume. The next year was the same deal. Last year I had class in Chicago, so I missed the photo shoots and the handing out of candy.
These are pictures of the 2006 photo shoot...which I conviently missed...they did it on Monday when I was in Chicago.

This year was different. Levi and Isaac definitely understand the concept of getting free candy. Emma is a master teacher! They also were very excited about handing out candy. So this year I stayed home and helped my three kids hand out candy to our neighbors. What fun! The three of them would crowd the door, stuffing M&M's into the pillow sheets and plastic pumpkins being shoved into our doorway. Sometimes the neighbors would come so fast that I felt like a drill sergeant, trying to help my threesome keep up with demand.

With a lull in the action, my three kids went next door to our neighbor Steve and Heather's house to go trick or treating. Tara made cute M&M costumes for them - Emma was yellow, Levi was orange and Isaac was red. They really liked getting free candy! We then piled into the van and headed to church for the big party. Emma found the moonwalk and went nuts, the guys found the duckpond and were very happy. They also got more candy.
Here they are pictured with Salma and Isaiah...

All in all, a fun event; as I write this my wife is asleep at the kitchen table, too tired to finish grading papers. We both should be in bed...it is after 10:30pm and the kids have just quieted down after an hour of playing loudly in their rooms. Too much candy! Listen to me, I sound like a parent! But I shouldn't complain, Dave Ward gave me a Coffee Crisp!!!!!

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