Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Tigers Lost...

Another baseball season is over...and my fairweather team - the Detroit Tigers, have lost the World Series. The St. Louis Cardinals win their tenth franchise WS, the second most in the MLB (Yankees are first...duh!). I just couldn't bring myself to watch this last game, I was afraid that the Cardinals would win it, and I couldn't handle it. I watched bits and pieces of it, channel surfing during commercials and purposefully missing the beginning of each inning. I even missed the first three innings by running errands with my kids.

I'm glad for Tony LaRussa, Albert Pujols and David Eckstien. They played well, and they deserve the title. Eckstien is a great baseball player, he was great to watch when his Angels won the WS in 2002, and it was fun to watch him play the game this year as well. What a sweet yellow Corvette - it's his first ever brand new car...can you believe that out of a pro sports player?

What was up with all the Tiger pitcher errors...I know that it can be tricky for them to make a simple throw to first base...but five errors that led to runs? You can't make those kind of mistakes and still win the WS.

Oh, and the extended break for the Tigers was the reason why they lost...they lost their momentum.

Well, now another long season of winter...but hey, there's NFL! And if I'm really in the mood, NHL!

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Anonymous said...

I agree--it was a sad WS and I couldn't wait for the pain to end. I kept telling myself to be happy they made it that far.