Monday, October 23, 2006

Detroit Rescue Mission and the Detroit Tigers

At the beginning of October I wrote about the Detroit Rescue Mission, my Grandpa Stucky's uncle founded it almost a hundred years ago. You can read about it in the blog titled "Ministry on 3rd St and Third Avenue"

Today in the Sports section of USAToday, on an article about the Detroit Tigers and the impact the World Series is having on the city, they mentioned the Rescue Mission. Had I not had the history lesson from my mom, I would have ignored the reference.

Apparently the Detroit Rescue Mission set up a huge big screen TV in their center so that all the homeless people they serve could enjoy the whole series. They provided places to sit, free healthy food and drinks, and they decked out the place in Tigers stuff. What a great idea!

Pretty cool Rescue Mission. You can visit their website at

Makes me proud to be a Stucky.

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