Friday, October 20, 2006

I Love Coffee Crisp!

NESTLÉ ® COFFEE CRISP™ bar is finally coming to the USA!
For years you've been waiting for COFFEE CRISP to cross the Canadian border and come to the US. Many of you have called our offices, written letters, and even created a COFFEE CRISP fan website! We're thrilled to let you know that at last we're heeding your call. After all this time, we're finally bringing COFFEE CRISP to the US.

You can find COFFEE CRISP at the following stores near you - like Scott's on 14/Scott Rd.

Clink on the link below to visit the Official Coffee Crisp website.

Click here (or copy paste into your browser) to visit the Fan Club of the Coffee Crisp

What other candy bar has a fan club like Coffee Crisp!

If you've never tried one, and you like coffee, you'll love Coffee Crisp too!

Having grown up in Canada, we took our Coffee Crisp for granted. When we moved to Michigan, we were distressed to find a famine of Coffee Crisp in America. Funny how Americans can act so snobby towards Canadiens, and yet they don't have any Coffee Crisp...wierdos.

Several weeks ago I went to Scott's on an early Saturday morning run to get maple syrup and maple link sausages for our weekly tradition of pancake and sausage breakfast (Emma, Levi and Isaac all help make it), when in the foreign food aisle (it was a shortcut to the back of the store), there laid a Coffee Crisp...not just one Coffee Crisp, not just two Coffee Crisp, but almost a dozen of them!!!!! I bought five of them on the spot and took them home and held them up for my wife and children to eyes glistened as I announced with great pride "Coffee Crisps are in America!!!!!". I bought a Coffee Crisp for each person in my family. Then I made Isaac and Levi split one so I could secretly eat theirs later!

I hear that Meijers may carry them as least that is what the website said.

The next time you're out, grap one, buy it, unwrap it and savor the light chocolate and coffee wafer delight that millions of Canadiens have savored for decades. They cost about $1.29. It is worth it!!!!! I just bought three more the other day (one for me and for my parents...they weren't quite as excited as I was about it, but they smiled when I told them about it). Since my wife is pregnant, maybe I'll let her have mine...which shows you how much I adore and treasure my wife.

In case you missed the point of this note: I LOVE COFFEE CRISP!


P.S. October is Pastor Appreciation Month...If everybody in the church bought me just one Coffee Crisp apiece, I'd be set for the rest of the year!!!

P.P.S. Cut and paste this link to read a Fox News report about this candy bar:,2933,219040,00.html


mum said...

What do you mean we were not excited about Coffee Crisp? YOu forget that we heard about it on the phone and we were very happy to know that we can go get on whenever we want....also, you said that you bought one for your didn't say anything about that when we were there.....did you already eat them? You didn't offer one to I assume that you did secretly eat them. I just ate one the other was 2 years old and still tasty...I was saving it, but thought since I can get a fresh one...I'll eat this old one.

mum said...

I just read this article to your Dad...he was quite upset to read that you bought one for him and never offered him one when we were there...oviously we didn't show enough excitment...

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you are busted...............