Monday, January 29, 2007

The Following Fourteen Posts...

Reader Beware: the following fourteen posts are sermon notes I copied/pasted from another blogsite. I wanted to get them onto this site for archive purposes. They cover three sermon series from last winter/spring: the Bad Boys/Girls series, the Treasures series, and Life that Gets Better and Better Forever and Ever series.

If you want to glance at them, go for it. I found the notes to be fascinating - mostly because I'm very narcissitic!

Actually, for me, this blog is a form of journaling and it has been really helpful for me to record thoughts, get some feedback, and then have an easy way to review what I've written/reflected upon. For me, reading through the sermonnotes provided some reminders for me of my spiritual journey.

I'd encourage you to find some format for writing down "stuff" that can be mile markers for your spiritual journey.

Write down poetry, songs, notes, letters, blogposts, emails, paint pictures, sculpt, etc.

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