Saturday, January 06, 2007

Job the Mocked

Chapter seventeen is the second chapter of a two chapter response to Eliphaz the Temanite. It is the second time that Eliphaz has spoken and Job replied. There are three rounds of discussion, and in each round the "friends" of Job become increasingly harsh with him, and Job remains steadfast in his convictions.

Eliphaz mockingly asserted that Job is clearly guilty of unconfessed sin, otherwise how to explain the terrible tragedies?

Job defiantly responds, though one can sense the weariness in his words - how long will his friends torture him with their "long winded speeches".

Job wraps up his response to Eliphaz in Round Two by expressing his fears: the grave awaits him, his prosperous, good life has been ripped away from him and a black hole awaits him. Not only has God made Job a "byword", his friends "denounce" him; and all that Job has to look forward to is death - and thus some rest from the throbbing pain.

But...Job yearns for a more tangible future then a mere end to pain. He there any hope for him? Is this life all there is? What will happen after I die? Will I receive justification for my situation? Will I be recognized by God as righteous? Surely this life is not all there is?

Do you ever ask questions like Job? If you want the answers and reward that Job received, then seek wisdom with all your heart, and spend all your energies on doing righteousness. Are you asking God to end the suffering? Are you also asking God to help you do right by others?

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