Monday, January 08, 2007

God Bless Our Missionwomen...

Anchor supports five missionaries. Five women. All single. I'm proud of Jen, Sharon, Tabbie, Elizabeth and Anna. They walk in the steps of thousands of saints who have gone before them. Female saints. Single. And used by God to bless the world.

Tara and I went with Jen to Macau in 1994, our sophomore year at Huntington. It was Tara's second trip there. For Jen and me it was our first. Jen ended up going back...she's been there I think about ten years. I'm proud of her. I'm glad I went to Macau with her, and I'm glad for her that God has called her there.

Sharon is a close friend of Traci Slager. Through that friendship, as classmates at TUFW, she attended Anchor. Through Traci's encouragement we supported Sharon's work in Azerbijian. Sharon helps run a bookstore (like her folks in the States). She is encouraging literacy, but more importantly, she is planting seeds of salvation. It's a dangerous place to serve, be sure to read her updates that we provide in the bulletin. Her mission post needs prayer - for protection and courage.

Tabbie served at Anchor with our junior high girls for quite awhile. When she graduated from TUFW, she spent the summer getting ready to serve in Vietnam. I enjoy Tabbie's updates, hearing about her experiences and rooting her on as she lives out the gospel through her life and role as a teacher.

Elizabeth, another TUFW grad was part of Anchor while she was in school. She is still getting ready to serve in Haiti, waiting and working to get all the necessary funds. Haiti is notorious for voodoo, occult, and lots of evil stuff. Elizabeth will be working with a radio station, filling the air with good news and deliverance. Pray that Elizabeth would get to Haiti soon.

Anna is a Huntington University grad (yeah!), and she serves in Peru - where Annie Sauder calls home! She works with a relief agency that provides food and other needed resources. It's exciting work in a place desperate for gospel help. What a gutsy place to serve.

One of Anchor's goals is to be a place where God calls men and women to become full-time missionaries. And pastors, and teachers, and evangelists, and worship leaders. Everytime I remember in prayer these five gifted women, I thank God for how he is using Anchor in the uttermost parts of the earth. What a responsibility God has placed on Anchor: to protect and provide through money and prayer five women who need us.

Pray for Jen, Sharon, Tabbie, Elizabeth, Anna this week. And next week. And every week. And give them money.

You need to do it more then they need it.

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